EXperts Expedite

We are a team of EXPERTS who can help EXPEDITE your Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud project delivery. This can be via a hands-on work, consulting your teams or providing the SFCC training for your new joiners.

our values

People matter more than anything

Passionate about work and getting things done

Giving more than we take, always helping and teaching others

Doing a lot more by doing less, better and faster

Constant learning

People matter more than anything


Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

We have more than 20 years of comulative experience building, supporting and enhancing e-commerce site built on SFCC / (ex Demandware). We were part of the team who delivered the first successful Latin America SFCC implementation as technical lead, co-lead and back-end developer

Developing for e-commerce

We have more than 20 years of comulative experience building and supporting e-commerce built on Intershop, Hybris, SFCC

SiteGenesis and SFRA

We have started developing for SFCC using pipelines, we have gone through the migration to controllers and seen the emerging of SFRA. We have also implemented projects with all of those. We were also part of the migration of SiteGenesis to SFRA on a project or two.

Working with legacy code

We know that not all projects are built from the ground up each time they start. We have worked on a lot of those and we know how to tackle any challenge

Technical design

You cannot be a good technical lead without creating good technical designs, proposing architectural approaches, analyzing Client's requirements, supporting team members with low-level designs when needed and be good at creating technical documentation. And we are very good technical leads

Software development

Add a few more years for development using core Java and J2EE. Add some more for studying C, C++, C#, Pascal, a bit of PHP, some functional programming, some logic programming as well

OUR services


Need something developed? We can help with that.


We can provide the SFCC hands-on training your team needs.


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