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Currently working on an SFCC development project. Contact us for availability.


Senior back-end developer with more than 5 years of experience in the software development field, more than 4 years of professional experience in e-commerce, and 4 years of professional experience with Demandware/SFCC platform, has some experience with the Salesforce App Cloud.

Quick learner, who is playing well with others, prospering in a fast-paced work environment. Skilled in problem solving and software development, working with legacy code.

LinkedIn profile

Open for work

  • SFCC Senior Back-End Developer

  • SFCC Consultant

  • SFCC Training Programme Guest Instructor

Licenses & certifications

  • Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer (ID: 20037823)

Relevant experience

UK Leading fashion footwear and accessories brand

Role: SFCC Back-End Developer

Salesforce App Cloud (Salesforce Core Patform)

Role: APEX Developer

Large Australia-based Wine Company

Role: SFCC Back-End Developer

Latin America Department store chain

Role: SFCC Back-End Developer

European Energy Company

Role: SFCC Back-End Developer

American Worldwide clothing and accessories retailer

Role: SFCC Back-End Developer