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  • 9 weeks training programme

  • Can use own hardware and office location

  • Distance learning possible

  • Instructor led lectures

  • Self-study, individual practice and teamwork

  • Hands-on practice on common Client- requested features

  • Development training tasks tailored to the company's need

  • A case study project


Guest Instructor

9 weeks SFRA training programme to kick start your Salesforce b2c Commerce cloud software development


The programme is a combination of instructor lead presentations, self-study tasks, and hands-on coding. Trainees will be implementing a case study extension project which will cover all the SFCC basics – from SFCC forms, front-end modifications, all the way through to jobs and services.

Who is this programme for?

  • Companies starting their internship programmes and wanting help with selection, upskilling, grading trainees and evaluating their performance

  • Companies with teams having no prior exposure to eCommerce and Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

  • Companies who want their current Salesfoce B2C Commerce Cloud teams to transition from SiteGenesis to SFRA

Hands-on experience

The programme includes 3 weeks hands-on development on real-life SFRA extensions. The pool of stories covers customization on checkout, address forms, and my account.

The hands-on development tasks can be tailored to the needs of the company:

  • Are you planning on integrating a non-standard PSP? We will work on stories extending the trainee's knowledge on checkout, billing, payment framework, order creation

  • Would you need to create new non-standard product details pages? We will work on stories starting with basic PDP customizations, rendering templates, strategies for extending the default components, which would help your teams create the custom PDP you would require


The trainees will work on real-life SFRA customizations (big and small) via a number of predefined user stories. They will get familiar with all of the industry standard tools for a successful SFCC delivery: git, Bitbucket, JIRA, confluence, VS code.

After completing the training, the trainee will have an understanding of eCommerce and its best practices. They will be proficient in Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud, SFRA, ways to extend and modify it. The trainee would have experienced the development life cycle – kick-offs, stand-ups, code reviews, and working as part of a team.

What this programme is not

This programme is not about delivering your current development stories and work packages. This programme is about teaching your team how to approach Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud SFRA customizations, help them identify strategies to achieve the required results, and otherwise upskill them on Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud so that they could troubleshoot issues, research development apporaches with confidence and help the rest of the team get up to speed.

Programme structure

The programme duration is nine weeks. Each day will start with 1 to 2 hours of instructor lead lectures, guidance, code review feedback.

The trainees will then be assigned self-study tasks or technical stories to implement. The assignments will be mostly individual ones, but they will also have the team-work element embedded in them - either by having team technical solution design sessions, code reviews and feedback session and otherwise allow to quick learners to support the other team members.

The instructor might have SFCC developers invited in order to support the trainees on their current hands-on assignments or will provide the support himself, based on the group size.

Programme requirements

The company would need to provision sandboxes and personal laptops/devices.

The training programme location is to be determined once the trainees are gathered. For more information, you can refer to the FAQs section.